Mendip Table Skittles - rules

The name of the League is "MENDIP TABLE SKITTLES LEAGUE".

1.  The League is run by a Management Committee.
2.  The Committee consists of the following:
3.  The Officers and Committee Members are voted on at the A.G.M. to serve for one year.  All Officers and Committee Members can stand for re-election every year.
4.  The Committee runs the day to day business of the League.
5.  Each team must appoint a Captain, whose name and address and telephone number will be registered with the League for correspondence purposes.
6.  Any player wishing to play must be registered by the team Captain with the League and the appropriate fees paid prior to playing.
7.  The registration fee will be determined at the A.G.M. for the ensuing year.
8.  Captains or their representatives must attend Captains' meetings as required.
9.  LEAGUE match night is Wednesday.  All matches must start at 8.30 pm.
10.  The Home captain is responsible for providing the result of each match to the Secretary within 48 hours of the end of the match, by text, e-mail or phone (leaving the result on the answer phone if necessary).  Failure to provide the result to the Secretary within 48 hours will result in the Home team forfeiting the match 12 - nil.
11.  A team consists of a minimum of ten players, any eight of whom will take part in a match.
12.  Players play in pairs.
13.  Each pair constitutes one set.
14.  Each set plays three games.
15.  Each game consists of playing 91 points down.
16.  Each game ends when the first of the opposing pairs scores the exact number required to reach zero.
17.  Each game won scores one leg.
18.  A match consists of four sets of pairs playing three games each.
19.  LEAGUE points are allocated per match as follows:
      WIN      2 points
      DRAW   1 point
      LOSE    0 points
20.  At the end of the season the Division Winners will be the team with the highest match points.  In the event of a tie on match points the Winner will be the team with the higher "Game For" legs.  In the event of a tie on both match points and games for legs then a play-off will decide the Winner.
21.  All fixtures must be honoured and played on the due date.  Any team that does not turn up for a match, with or without giving notice, will forfeit the match 12 - nil unless the opposing Captain agrees to rearrange the match to a mutually convenient date.  This is totally at the discretion of the opposing Captain.  Any team that fails to provide a minimum of 24 hours notice when cancelling a match, on three or more occasions during a season, will not be allowed to register for the League the following season.
22.  The Committee organises the following competitions:
      a)  The League Team Cup
      b)  The Divisional Team Cups
      c)  The Individuals Cup(s)
      d)  The Pairs Cup(s)
      e)  The Ladies Cup.
23.  An Entrance Fee (determined by the Committee) is payable in advance in order to play in the Individuals; the Pairs; and the Ladies Cup.
24.  Trophies are awarded to the Winners and the Runners-up in all competitions.
25.  The Divisional Championship Winners and Runners-up receive trophies.
All Cup games have equal throws.
In the event of a drawn match the Captains must select two of their players to play another set of three legs to decide the winner.  If this is also a draw another two pairs must play another set of three legs.  If the score is still equal the match is a draw.  Inform the League Secretary who will arrange a replay.
In all Individual and Pairs Cup games, in the event of a draw, the players must play a short game of 31 points down to decide the winner.  In the event of this being a draw another 31 down must be played and so on until a winner is established.