Mendip Table Skittles - results



League Division One Champions Crown Regil, Winford
League Division One Runners-up Brewers Droops, Banwell
League Division Two Champions Crown Jewels, West Harptree
League Division Two Runners-up Redhill Club, Redhill
League Cup Crown Regil, Winford
League Cup Runners-up Blue Flame, Nailsea
Division One Cup Crown Regil, Winford
Division One Cup Runners-up Brewers Droops, Banwell
Division Two Cup Redhill Club, Redhill
Division Two Cup Runners-up Tetley Brewers, Banwell
Ladies Cup Denise Adams, Railway Steamers
Ladies Cup Runner-up

Jean Sweeney, Crown Regil

Division One Individuals Cup Alan Dibble, Lion-Harts
Division One Individuals Cup Runner-up

Tony Harse, The Darlies

Division One Pairs Cup Steve Lewis & Andy Gardner, The Darlies
Division One Pairs Cup Runners-up Steve Miles & Iain Davies, Lion-Harts
Division Two Individuals Cup

Dave Smart, Shipham Sheep Worriers

Division Two Individuals Cup Runner-up Tom Adams, Railway Steamers
Division Two Pairs Cup

Jim Livingstone & Colin Young, Redhill Club

Division Two Pairs Cup Runners-up Nick Barrett & Tony Hicks, New Inn