Welcome to Mendip Table Skittles

Stand behind the pole, facing the Lions flag.

Pick up the ball and throw it - no, push it - out to the left of the pole, without letting your hand pass the pole itself, so that the ball is carried round by the chain to strike the head-pin, knocking all the pins down.

You've just got a flopper.  Two more and you'll have scored 27 points.

Easy.  Unless you overcook it and take the guts out, in which case you'll probably have to try a jiggle.  If that doesn't work and you don't get a spare, you'll be left trying to make up the nine with your remaining throw.  If that also fails, your team-mates will call you a tosser.

Word has it that table skittles is played in other parts of the world, but North Somerset is its true home.  Beware of cheap imitations.

The Mendip Table Skittles League has two divisions, each consisting of 12 pub teams - click on Teams to see where they are.  If you'd like to play for one of the teams, come to the pub and they'll put you in touch with the captain.  Otherwise you could contact the League Secretary, Jill Quick, on 07758 952570 or by email.